Estate Winery

In the early 1980´s, the BC provincial government defined three types of wineries that were regulated under these separate categories:

Farm Winery - could only use their own grapes; required ten acres of land and had a production limit of 5,000 gallons annually;

Estate Winery - first known as "cottage wineries", but soon changed, required 20 acres of land; could contract up to fifty per cent of what they owned; had a production limit of 30,000 gallons annually;

Commercial Winery - basically had no restrictions.

When Gray Monk was first started, they began as an Estate Winery as defined by the regulations at that time.

Today, the rules have changed - there is no more distinction between a farm, estate or commercial winery - wineries need only to have a license. However, Gray Monk chose to keep the name of Estate Winery because of it´s importance in their history and the volume of their production.