Rotberger 2016.jpgGray Monk’s own vineyard provided the grapes for the Rotberger. Mash from the grapes underwent a 9-day fermentation in stainless steel tanks with two days on the skins for colour. To maximize the fruit flavours strict temperature control was employed during the fermentation process. 

This coral pink rose has a slight copper hue, and wonderful aromas of strawberry, juicy ripe peach, melon and summer flowers. The light to medium bodied, refreshing, just off-dry mouth-feel has flavours of delicate red berries, peach and tangerine. Notes of pink grapefruit, rhubarb and white peach linger on the refreshing finish. 

Vintage: 2017
C.S.P.C.#: +321620 
Size: 750ml bottle 


Technical Sheet