The grapes used in the Odyssey Series Merlot were
Odyssey Merlot 2013.jpgharvested from two vineyards in the Oliver area in October 2013. A specific red wine yeast was employed to produce robust flavours in the wine. The wine was aged in oak for more than 12 months and then bottled in February 2015. 

The deep purple hue of this wine signals that this is a bold Merlot. The complex aroma includes blueberries, dark plums and nutmeg. The bold, ripe flavours include black cherries, with lingering tastes of spice and licorice. The firm finish signals this as a wine worthy of aging for several more years. It is a wine for full flavoured meat and cheese dishes. 

Vintage: 2013
C.S.P.C.#: +501130 
Size: 750ml bottle 
Price: $20.89


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